Weird Era w/ DJ Fofenna

Weird Era is a monthly exploration of a diverse musical curation that's driven by a pure love for music and how we connect through it by your host, Fofenna. Genres differ each set, ranging from upbeat Tropicália to glitchy Electronica, nasty Memphis Rap to wall-of-sound Shoegaze, dark Ambient swag to funky Plunderphonics, smooth Detroit House to goofy Freak Folk. Named after a fluke album released by Deerhunter, the one and only Atlantan Ambient Punk legends, Weird Era maintains the legacy of how music intentionally and unintentionally moves each and every one of us. I find music to be intrinsic to my sense of self and hope sharing it will help it touch someone else in the same way. For more information about the show, my other creative pursuits and interests, check out the links below. As always, peace, love, unity and respect.