Vibroscape w/ DJ Hexjelica

This narrative science fiction show, inspired by H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds", locks into a not-so-distant scenario unraveling through multi-modal storytelling. Instead of war between worlds, Vibroscape features interviews with real-world scientists, poetic works, and sound that immerses listeners in expressions of harmony, healing, catharsis, and deep connection with the eternal and the unknown. A sentient life form commonly called “the Sunset Chasers” has been discovered by astrobiologists on the fictional planet of 55 Anacreon b. In our current estimation, the sunset chasers come out to absorb celestial rays for brief periods of time during the double-sunsets produced from the effects of the planet orbiting not 1 but 2 sun-like stars. Earthly technologies to understand our interactions with the Sunset Chasers have only just begun to detect strange frequencies and signals being emitted from these organisms. Little is known about their modes of communication. The scientific team currently experimenting with interacting with these organisms has decided to ask artists to help devise ways of communicating with the sunset chasers. This radio station will be broadcast directly to the vibroscape of the sunset chasers in collaboration with the astrobiologists and technologists sending signals to 55 Anacreon b, and reacting to their presence through forms of being.