Beyond Pacific w/ Mashiro
Beyond Pacific w/ Mashiro - Nov 9th 2023

Beyond Pacific returns tomorrow Thursday Nov 9th at 10pm pacific on with special guest 望月真白 fka Mashiro, a Guangzhou-Shenzhen China-based artist who floats outside the club scene. @mczkmashiro joins us with a powerful, aggressive Jungle and darkside Drum 'n' Bass set mixed with some of his favorite Breakcore tunes. Mashiro likes to collect all kinds of drum-heavy, ambient, melodic, yet fragmented sounds inspired by Trance and Breakcore, attempting to emulate today's Club Trax with the mindset of Japanese Doujin music. You can occasionally catch him at Shenzhen OIL, Cloak, Guangzhou Underground, 礦 RADIO, and several other online shows and friend's radio stations. In the past, he served as a long-time host at SHCR in Shanghai, where he hosted a show called "Imaginary Aquarium(寰像水族馆), constantly digs up DJs from various corners of the internet and makes them hand over their DJ mixes. With three years of production experience, Mashiro co-runs the Doujin circle "Thoughost", and has been active in breakcore and hardcore labels such as Otherman Records, Aggression Audio, OMOIDE LABEL, MAD BREAKS.