Over The Edge w/ DJ Skawife
Over the Edge w/ DJ Skawife - May 1st 2024

"mfw i’m back on @particlefm 🫣 today 4-6PM i’m back on the air after a quite disastrous situation last month iykyk soooo yeah im back in a bigggg way playing punk muzak and probably some ambient shit and some stuff for all the freakazoids out there you know who you are! also you should call in to the show and we can chat about music or movies and i can give advice or whatever we can do anything we want that’s the beauty of it! you can be the beauty and i can be the beast or whatverrrr idk. okay yeah so 4-6PM TODAY (5/1) oh snap it’s the first of the month!!!!! rabbit rabbit 🐇 okay see ya later meet me in the chat room ayyye ☮️🐸" - @djskawife