Vibrary Of Congress w/ A-Pili + Father Dukes
Vibrary Of Congress w/ A-Pili + Father Dukes - Feb 7th 2024

DJ Alias: Father Dukes Current city: Detroit, MI Favorite party played: I enjoy playing every time I get to :) Fave venue: I have many favorites and love to club but I recently went and visited Mansions Bar in New York and it was so welcoming and cute with silly drink names and chatty patio vibes. There is a smaller dance floor so everyone is close together absorbing the energy in the room. There are many glam spots I love but I think this one is a top contender in a totally different way, has amazing bookings right now, and a cute atmosphere so I appreciated all of that. Record Shop: Locally, I would say Detroit Threads because first of all they have so many cute and zany vintage clothes that often distract me from my record shopping and I love traveling decades and styles while checking out their clothing, shoes, and accessories - But I also love Detroit Threads because they have such a unique selection. I often find stuff there I don't think I'd ever come across otherwise in my lifetime! They carry all the local/regional labels so you can always count on that but you can also find really rare and affordable stuff of all genres shopping the cheap bins and the bins that are just organized by alphabet, they even always have boxes of free records outside! Dream b2b partner: Regal86 Track of the moment: Behind Lines - DVS1 Mix Inspo: This is what I consider easy listening as someone who normally favors the faster BPMs and climbs up pretty quickly when I get excited mixing! This is a practice in control and keeping one slower (to me) tempo throughout. The whole thing is around 126BPM and is a mixed bag of house stuff I really love. Upcoming planz! 02/10 Playing Honcho PGH in Pittsburgh for my first time playing in the city! I will also be b2b with Octo Octa this year for The Bunker X Interdimensional Transmissions Movement festival afterparty in Detroit and I absolutely can not wait to see where that mix goes :)