Radio Chatter: Nishkosheh

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By Christian Gonzalez

An interview with Particle FM resident Nishkosheh, host of Futzin'. Nishkosheh (they/them) is a DJ based out of Chicago with recent appearances at Honcho Campout, Podlasie Club, and smartbar.


What do Futzin' and Nishkosheh mean?

Futzin’ has been pretty well adopted into English from Yiddish. It’s all about the frivolous, meandering way I play around on the radio. Nishkosheh is also a Yiddish word but less common, it means bearable, tolerable, or so-so. These names fully express both my sense of humor, and also a reclamation of a part of my identity that often felt troublesome in the past.

Nishkosheh and Wav Fuzz Show

Futzin' with Wav Fuzz

What kind of music can we expect from your shows?

I honestly think it’s best not to expect anything in particular from Futzin’! That’s part of the whole ethos for me. In general though, my taste often leans towards weird, psychedelic, dubby, downtempo, electronica, experi- mental, jam zones. Oh, and guitars.

Nishkosheh and Tony G

Futzin' with Tony G

Your eclectic selections are one of the standout parts of your show. You mention a lot of music comes from friends of yours or connections you've made through music. How do you seek out music before each show?

I’m a naturally curious person, so music finds me everywhere. Recently I’ve been very into listening to soundtracks and musical scores, even if I’ve never seen the film.

Futzin' William Orbit Special

Futzin' William Orbit Special

What's your favorite record store?

Hands down my favorite record store is Jerry’s in Pittsburgh. Find me losing my damn mind in the Alternative section.

Futzin' July 2023

Futzin' July 2023

Are there any musicians who really inspire you?

Of course! I love to listen to djs who inspire my style directly, but also those who do things completely different from me too: sold [Just A Dilettante on Particle FM], Scott Zacharias, Steve Summers, Kiernan Laveaux, Jamie Tiller, Carly Barton, Mark Grusane, Carlos Perón, Hotaru, Thomas Bullock, Natural Magic, Titonton Duvante, Traxx, Golden Bug, William Orbit, The Pi- lotwings, Idjut Boys etc.

Futzin' June 2023

Futzin' June 2023

How would you describe yourself as a DJ in three words?

Let's Fucking Jam

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