Particle FM presents TFX Album Listening Party

Join us Sat Jan 13th for a TFX listening party in San Diego

By Laurie Piña
TFX Album Listening Party


TFX (TRANS FX) is blazing down the 405 from LA to SD on Saturday, January 13, 2024 for a ‘Biggest Baddest Beatest’ album listening party + LIVE big beat DJ set presented by Particle FM at the BAB & Friends studio! Party starts at 5pm. Limited capacity, must RSVP. Refreshments offered. $5-10 suggested donation.

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“8 Big, Bad, Beats. All recorded using the AKAI S5000 to 1/4" tape of all things. No CPU, no problems. Made with love for all of y'all. On a Fatboy tip.”

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TRANS FX (TFX) is an ever-evolving project that formed in 2011 by songwriters Chris McDonnell and Scott Young in Olympia, WA. Beginning as Transfix, a self-proclaimed death rock group, the band has undergone several transformations, operating with a rotating lineup of guest vocalists and collaborators. Their early output spanned post-punk and goth rock on their 2013 self-titled debut on Dutch Tilt, to synth pop with rave undertones on ‘Into the Blu’ released on K Records & Perennial in 2015.

Trans FX

In 2017, they collaborated with CC Dust for the CCFX EP on DFA Records, notably producing the spangled and dreamy breakbeat track, “The One to Wait”. Following Young’s departure to pursue an arts career, McDonnell continued to drive innovation within the project. Subsequent albums ‘Gaslit’ (JGAP, 2017), ‘The Showroom Dummies’ (JGAP, 2018), and ‘music, drugs, technology & popular desire’ (JGAP, 2021) have explored a diverse range of non-commercial styles and sounds from neo-psychedelia to drum ’n’ bass and jungle, offering a substantial back catalog of tracks ripe for the uninitiated to discover their new favorite jams. TFX pushes boundaries and blurs them by delving into and juxtaposing components of pop music and underground stylings. Through inventive sample-based techniques and a sophisticated songwriting approach, TFX are consistently crafting a fresh and distinct sonic language that defies conventional categorization. McDonnell also writes and records music in the equally inspired and continually reinventive band DAISIES. Additionally, he runs the collective/label Joker’s Got a Posse. TFX is now based in Los Angeles, CA.

TFX Album Cover

At once a tribute to Fatboy Slim and the Big Beat Boutique club night, ‘Biggest Baddest Beatest’ showcases core TFX member Chris McDonnell’s continued enthusiasm for teasing new expressions out of the mainstream pop music formula. All eight tracks demonstrate refined technical mastery while retaining a raw spirit. Using nostalgia as a vehicle to explore the past’s junk food music landscape, TFX skillfully injects a high-octane infusion of underground energy into assembled parts from tossed-off one-hit wonders and overplayed earworms across genre. The result is a recombinant collage of an album that is as sharp and clever as it is loose-limbed and primed for the dancefloor. Flyer by Aaron Pretty @aaaronsd