Particle FM presents Jenn Green

VPN Radio resident joins us for a special night celebrating community internet radio

By Christian Gonzalez
Jenn Green Flyer

Born in Detroit, having lived in Chicago for six years before relocating to Seattle, Jenn Green embodies the Midwest's tenacity, history, and spirit in her cohesive, multi-genre era-spanning radio shows. Jenn has hosted Greenhaus radio since 2013, a semi-weekly show currently on VPN Radio, airing Sundays from 8-10pm PST & 11pm-1am EST. Jenn's vibrant selections and rich musical knowledge will make for a memorable and intimate dancefloor experience. Particle FM DJs will be on opening duties with end-of-summer, early-evening dance vibes. There will be Particle FM merch and refreshments for sale. Join us for a night of forward-thinking and eclectic selections that acknowledge the roots of dance music and radio.