Corrientes and Impresiciones
Corrientes and Impresiciones - IMAGE

Corrientes is a small DIY publishing project of essays about politics and literature.

The intention of the project is to bring texts that weren’t so easily available or weren’t available at all (in Spanish) to the region of Tijuana. Almost all of the texts that are published are presented in a bilingual form (Spanish and English), to take advantage of the format of the flip book, one side is in Spanish and the other one in English. Some of translation are made by me and some friends of the projects, especially the texts that a translation didn’t exist before. Some of the authors we translated are David Graeber and Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, but we also publish a lot of translations that already exist.

Almost all of the texts, even the literaries ones, have an anarchist inclination, but they also include themes of art, anthropology and anti work. We believe in autonomy, so all of the editing, formatting, printing, binding is made by ourself at our homes.

“Impresiciones” (a word game of error and printing in spanish) is a project that evolved in the process of learning to make zines and books for Corrientes, this one is more personal at the moment. The idea of the project was to begin from the error and accept it and play with it, make the error part of the process. The only two publications that exist for the project is a small zine of collages called The (Un) Universal Story (is the one that I attached) is about making collages and tearing them apart only to join them again with strings, and the other project is small essay about the experience of reading compared to the feel of holding a fistful of sand, the special thing for me in this zine is that every page you read, its gets smaller and smaller, like holding a fistful of sand at the beach.